Galaxy S23 Ultra and Xiaomi 13 Pro were hacked twice in one day!

Galaxy S23 Ultra and Xiaomi 13 Pro were hacked twice in one day!

Recently, a competition was held in Toronto where hackers and creative tech researchers compete together to find vulnerabilities in various devices. In this competition, the Galaxy S23 Ultra was hacked twice in one day, and this is a bit worrying; Because it shows that this phone is not very safe against the risk of hacking.

In this competition, Pixel 7, iPhone 14 and Xiaomi 13 Pro phones were also tested and competed with each other. Google’s Pixel 7 and Apple’s iPhone 14 came out proud and successfully passed the hacking test; But Like the Galaxy S23, the Xiaomi 13 Pro was hacked twice.

The rules of the competition were such that the participants had to compromise the phones using Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth; While all the phones had installed the latest version of the security patch.

The organizers of this competition awarded prizes to hackers for discovering the vulnerabilities of different devices, and then the vulnerabilities were documented to devise a solution for them.

Although the news of easy hacking of the Galaxy S23 may seem scary at first, holding such competitions is very important; Because it helps a lot to improve the security of phones. Mobile manufacturers can now easily fix problems detected in their products.

However, considering the price of the Galaxy S23 and the price of the Xiaomi 13 Pro, users have the right to know why such security vulnerabilities exist and when they will be fixed.

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