Telecom joined the fiber optic project; Commitment to create seven million ports by the end of 1403

According to the public relations report of the Regulatory and Radio Communications Organization, in a meeting held yesterday by Amir Lajurdi, the head of the regulator, and Majid Soltani, the CEO of the Iran Telecommunication Company, the telecommunication company succeeded in receiving the UNSP license by accepting legal obligations and general conditions.

The head of the Organization for Regulatory Regulation and Radio Communications also announced this news on his personal page on the editorial platform and wrote:

The first partner, Irancell, Asiatec, Pishgaman, Sabant, Fenap Telecom and Rightel are the operators that have already participated in the “National Optical Fiber Plan for Homes and Businesses” and have taken actions. The telecommunications company was one of the operators that, although it was intended to participate in the development of optical fiber from the beginning of this plan, but due to the problems it had and also the disputes with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, it was not possible to participate and cooperate. Was.

Now, with the memorandum signed between the regulator and the Iranian telecommunications company, this cooperation is going to start officially. The optical fiber development project, which aims to cover 20 million households across the country by 1404, has now assigned tasks to the telecommunications company in order to fulfill its plan.

Until today, about 3,638,000 households have been covered by this plan and have received optical fiber. Iran Telecommunication Company, along with other operators, has committed to create seven million optical fiber ports by the end of next year.

The head of the Radio Communications Regulatory Organization added in an editorial: “The space for the development of optical fiber for dear people is becoming competitive.” Lajordi has also promised to encourage the operators who fulfill their obligations in order to complete this project well: “The operator who fulfills his obligations on time will benefit from the incentive.”

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