Forget the city life with these wildlife photos

Forget the city life with these wildlife photos

In 2023, the Museum of Natural History announced its winning spectacular images, which were selected from among 50,000 entries. This year, 25 more memorable images were shortlisted by judges and the Natural History Museum, from which the public had the opportunity to choose their favourites. In the end, Iranian photographer Nima Sarikhani’s picture with the title “Ice Bed” was voted by a record of 75,000 people and became the winner of the popular choice.

In his picture, Sarikhani shows a young Pole who has fallen asleep on a piece of a small melted iceberg. Nima’s image contains a powerful yet sad message about global warming; But the photographer himself sees hope and believes that we can still solve this problem.

We invite you to admire the other beautiful, funny and sometimes heartbreaking works that reflect our natural wildlife today.

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