A smart and exciting feature is coming to Google phones

A smart and exciting feature is coming to Google phones

Android Police By checking the first beta codes of QPR3 Android 14 in the Google phone, he noticed a feature that adjusts the touch sensitivity of the screen depending on the environmental factors or the use of the screen protector.

The Pixel 8 phone has the ability to recognize the screen protector. In fact, when you use a screen protector, the phone asks you to increase the touch sensitivity.

The codes seen do not specify the exact functionality of the Adaptive Touch Sensitivity feature. It can be assumed that tactile sensitivity changes with environmental changes. For example, in cold weather, the touch sensitivity increases so that you can work with the phone through gloves, and in rainy weather, the sensitivity decreases so that accidental contact with moisture or raindrops is not a problem. It is not known whether older Pixel phones will support this feature or not.

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The aforementioned code strings were found in the Pixel 8 phone, which now has the ability to automatically detect the screen saver; So the Pixel 8 Pro will probably get it too.

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