Fava area activist: Knowledge-based facilities are not defined for the city’s companies


Farshad Khonjosh, active in the Fava area, in a note written in Website of Nasr organization in Tehran It has been published about the differences in the structure of IT demands in Tehran and other cities. According to him, a structure based on which communication with the legislator has not been formed in the cities.

He emphasized that the structures in the cities are not developed or advanced, but are basic and need support. Also, one of the ways to pursue demands is to use legal channels, and communication with legislators is important in the field of legislation. The greater the access to the legislator, the faster the possibility of effective communication and problem solving.

The following is the note:

“One of these frameworks is to communicate with legislative people such as parliamentarians or city council representatives who somehow facilitate the path. This issue has not gained enough strength in the cities so far and such a structure that can communicate with the legislator has not been formed, while this issue is possible in the capital through the union council.

On the other hand, the main platforms in the field of software and computers are located in Tehran, and due to the connection that large companies in Tehran have with the ministries, the needs of the industry are transferred to them faster. These communications do not exist in the city in this way, in other words, in the way that oiled communications in the cities did not happen in Tehran. Even our representatives in the cities prefer working with Tehrani companies to their city companies most of the time. Also, it is not possible for smaller companies to rely on larger companies based in the province and benefit from their facilities, because large companies in the province, such as petrochemical refineries and municipalities, use less provincial forces.

Another issue is discussing the facilities and needs of IT industry guilds. For example, most of the facilities that have been defined, such as the use of private homes for companies or the tax discussion of knowledge-based companies and the insurance issues that exist, have not been defined in the city, and there is no person who can solve these kinds of problems, or even in the case of loan facilities that It is difficult to help knowledge-based companies due to the distance from the center and the impossibility of meetings with the experts who determine the granting of this loan.

On the other hand, intra-union communication in the cities is not well formed, as a result, a few old companies are the decision-makers, and younger companies have not been able to communicate with other companies, even with the union in which they are located. “The lack of communication and continuous meetings among the people who are in the guild has caused problems to be solved and the support of the guild has not been used, and it has also caused people and companies to be unaware of the services provided by the companies located in the cities.”

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