Artificial intelligence; Hikvision solution for CCTV

Artificial intelligence;  Hikvision solution for CCTV


The efficiency of the security/security system and its effect in making theft difficult or preventing and dealing with possible incidents is another important issue that Hikvision has been able to provide appropriate solutions through its products using today’s technologies.

Artificial intelligence; A solution for small businesses

Of course, a business with a minimal and limited budget cannot pay a lot of money to secure the work environment and video surveillance. Until now, comprehensive and appropriate security systems were very expensive. The use of physical security forces or guards also has many errors and is costly. Hikvision With the help of artificial intelligence and the use of advanced technologies designed by experts and scientists of this company, it has been able to concentrate many functions of old devices in one device.

Today, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, technology has brought image intelligence to very high accuracy and performance. Currently, various industries and markets have been affected by artificial intelligence. Video surveillance of small businesses are no exception to this rule and use this technology.

Hikvision uses artificial intelligence

Video surveillance and environmental security, which used to be achieved with several video recording devices, CCTV cameras, alarm devices and multiple alarms and additional lights, today are concentrated and placed in one device with the help of technological advances and innovations from Hikvision’s research and development team. . Some of these devices, at a very small cost, identify possible risks before they occur and, with a proactive approach, fix many problems at the very beginning. In Iran too Hikvision representative With the image surveillance technology group brand consisting of experts and professionals, it can be the best consultant for choosing, purchasing and setting up a suitable system for your security needs.

One of the examples of the use of artificial intelligence in security devices can be found in products from Hikvision that are equipped with AcuSense technology. AcuSense is actually one of the achievements of artificial intelligence that uses intelligent algorithms to distinguish between humans, vehicles and other objects. This means it can limit security alerts to human or vehicle movement and remove unnecessary alerts. It is obvious that Hikvision camera price It is very diverse and suitable for every need and environmental condition.

With the help of surveillance cameras and image recording devices and relying on the scientific and exclusive achievements of Hikvision in the use of technology, you can provide the security of your desired environment or your business at a reasonable cost. Artificial intelligence with the help of deep learning and advanced designed algorithms can reduce your hardware costs and, at the same time, increase productivity to a great extent.

Taking care of your business with modern technologies

Small businesses need a range of security technologies and monitoring systems that are hassle-free and cost-effective, and remove complex security monitoring barriers. To protect your business, Hikvision has created a unique suite of security solutions that automate security alerts and enable you to monitor your home, villa, shop, company, workshop or warehouse from anywhere. Monitor around the clock or receive specific notifications of the statuses you want.

No matter how much time you devote to running and growing your business, you can never be at work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For this reason, you need a solution to ensure that everything is always safe and secure; Even when you are at home or on vacation.

Video surveillance for everyone

By automating security monitoring as well as using remote monitoring technologies, you can do more with less time and money and focus on your core business tasks. In addition, you can receive security alerts at the right time and react in time. Let’s say you’re on a weekend trip and a small incident occurs in your warehouse or shop. An incident that, if you react to it in time, will probably not cause any damage, but if you are not aware of it and it is left alone for two days, it may turn into a disaster. A small spark in your product warehouse, if left alone for two days, can cause irreparable damage to your business.

You can use the latest and most interesting security technologies to protect your business. Until recently, automated solutions for security monitoring, as well as alarm and remote control systems, were only possible for large companies with huge budgets. But today, with the advancement of technology and the spread of scientific achievements, many of these achievements are available to everyone, and small business owners can monitor their collection by spending a reasonable amount. Now these unique and automated technologies are available and affordable for small businesses as well.

Hikvision solutions

The research and development team of Hikvision International Company has developed six interesting and unique technologies. Meanwhile, Hikvision pursues three goals: increasing security, saving time and money, and protecting people and assets. In the following, we will examine these 6 solutions:

1. always and everywhere

Talk to visitors and monitor your business remotely with Hikvision’s MinMoe face recognition terminal. You can travel and open doors for employees from miles away or pick up deliveries from suppliers. Even when you’re at home or on the go, you’re in control of things in your story. In addition, you can use the MinMoe terminal as a cost-effective solution to monitor your employees’ attendance without direct contact.


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