Faran: UPSs are powerful protection for data centers

Faran: UPSs are powerful protection for data centers


Each data center sometimes covers the information of thousands or millions of websites and… and if even a part of the servers of a data center get into trouble, disruptions and irreparable events will occur for organizations and its users. One of the most important problems in the occurrence of disturbances for data centers is fluctuations and power outages. Hence, data centers for provisioning Information security They need a UPS device.

It is necessary to use UPS in order to maintain the connection of security devices to permanent electricity. A UPS device provides the necessary electrical energy for devices that work with electricity to continue working during a power outage.

ups The Vigo model is made with online Double Conversion technology and supports a wide range of input voltage (100 to 300 V). Vigor 3 Kava is equipped with Cold Start function; It means that battery starter provides power during power outages. Also, it saves energy with the ECO MODE feature.

In terms of the appearance of the vigor device, it uses an LCD panel to display device information, including the amount of charge and battery capacity, which can rotate in standing and lying positions and is installed in 19-inch racks.

Other features of Vigo model UPS include the following:

  • Double Conversion Online technology
  • High Frequency PWM structure
  • Digital microprocessor control
  • Advanced PFC technology (input power factor correction)
  • True sinusoidal output with TDH less than 3% at linear load
  • Advanced ABM battery management
  • Wide range of input voltage 300Vac-110V
  • Automatic change of fan speed according to load change
  • Display of charge and battery capacity by LCD
  • Automatic battery charging when the UPS is off
  • Battery starter during power outage (Cold Strat)
  • Automatic finding of system errors at startup (Self Diagnostic)
  • The possibility of increasing the battery capacity
  • Monitoring software and schedule for turning on and off the device
  • Smart port RS 232 and SNMP (optional) and UPS (optional)
  • Output power factor 0.9
  • ECO Mode feature (energy saving)
  • EPO port for emergency shutdown

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