Banning artificial intelligence from receiving a Grammy Award


Harvey Mason, the CEO of the Grammy Awards Recording Academy, announced that at this stage it is possible to send music produced by artificial intelligence; But the Grammy Award belongs only to human artists.

Thus, music companies and artists like Drake will be happy about the new Grammy Awards guidelines; Because recently, the piece of music created by artificial intelligence using the singer’s voice had created a lot of noise in the internet space.

Mason’s vague statement shows just how confusing the world of AI-generated music can be. He continued: “We will consider works created with artificial intelligence; Provided that humans play the biggest role in its construction. There is a similar situation regarding the performance category and only humans can receive the coveted awards.

mason He added: “If artificial intelligence has written a song or created a certain music, these two issues will be different; But the Grammy Award will ultimately go to human artists.”

Therefore, considering this issue, it is possible to send music made with artificial intelligence tools to the Grammy Recording Academy, and using a voice or instrument based on this technology is acceptable if it is used in the framework of a larger piece of music.

Futurism writes that currently artificial intelligence will not be considered as a performer or a songwriter; For this reason, it cannot win the award alone.

Mason’s explanation seems a bit confusing; On the one hand, currently some people in the music industry hate the works produced by artificial intelligence and others welcome such content, and on the other hand, the copyright law is definitely a bit worrying about the songs produced by artificial intelligence; Because music and technology have been strongly intertwined for a long time.

“Artificial intelligence will definitely be instrumental in shaping the future of the music industry,” Mason concluded. So, we should start planning about the said technology and see what such tools mean for us. There are a lot of things we need to pay attention to when it comes to the relationship between artificial intelligence and the music industry.”

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