Expansion of Snapfood services; Five new services in Tehran


For years, Snapfood has been trying to go beyond the online ordering and food delivery platform and become a platform where users can order all their daily needs and receive them in less than 45 minutes. This route started with the supermarket service, which later became independent, and then four services of sweets, fruit, protein and bread were also launched in line with the same goal.

In this regard, Irfan Ghafarian, the senior manager of business development at Snapfood, said: since about two years ago and due to the completion of the initial phases of the remaining services, it was decided to try entering new markets again, and for this purpose, five services New health and beauty, pet shop, dairy, flower and attari were selected.

He went on to explain: Regarding why and how to choose these businesses, it should be said that in general, when launching new services in Snapfood, the initial phase of business selection involves research such as the size of the market on both sides, the amount of demand and supply, and user surveys. The current one begins. Then, taking into account things like the required infrastructure in the product, operation and logistics layers, the most suitable ones are selected from among the available options. In the second phase, which can be called soft launch, the launch of these services will begin in selected areas and in a category called Other in the application to get a more detailed view of the type of demand, operational complexities, communication with vendors, etc.

Finally, if the business potential is determined by the initial reviews and the success of the secondary tests for the end user, stores and Snapfood, it will be recognized as a new business by giving a dedicated space in the application and creating a suitable management-operations structure. Is known. All the steps we explained have been implemented and followed up for these services during the last two years.

Launching new services, especially services that have not previously had an online presence, presents unique challenges and operational complexities. Ghaffarian explains about the operational challenges of the new services: “One of the most important challenges of these five new services was the management of store inventory and the very high product variety of some of them compared to services such as food or bread. For example, Attari service has more than 4,000 different products, which in health and beauty services and pet shop may reach 6,000 products. We managed to accelerate the launch of these services by improving the infrastructure and using the experience of previous services in standardizing the menu, images, descriptions, and product names.

He further explains that among the other challenges we faced was selling by weight in a service such as dairy and sending a delicate and sensitive product such as flowers in the flower and plant service, and here also our previous experiences in selling heavy products such as protein or sending Sensitive products like cake and coffee helped us manage these challenges effectively.

Erfan Ghaffarian said about the current range of services and Snapfood’s future plan for new services: We are currently cooperating with more than 600 active stores in Tehran in these five new services, and soon we will launch and expand them in other cities as well. did

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