Examining “Irancell’s role in the digital transformation of industries” in the conference on Iran’s opportunities in the digital age

According to Irancell Public Relations, the first conference of Iran’s Opportunities in the Digital Age (IDEAS01), with the aim of creating an atmosphere of mutual thinking, exchanging ideas and identifying future opportunities among traditional and large actors, digital newcomers, technology companies, regulators and researchers, will end today. On July 26, 1402, it is being held at the international conference center of Milad Tower in Tehran, so that thinkers can discuss and brainstorm about entering the digital age and the emerging digital economy of the country.

This morning, on the second and last day of this conference, a meeting was held on the topic of “Digital transformation in large organizations”, with the presence of Dr. Ali Abdulahi, CEO of the National Informatics Company, Dr. Farshad Fatemi, a member of the faculty of Sharif University, Engineer Mohsen Yousefpour, General Manager of Irancell’s Enterprise Business, Dr. Ali Zavashkiani, CEO of PEMCO and Deputy CEO of Fanap in the technology department, Engineer Hamidreza Azimian, former CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Company, and Dr. Mahmoudreza Haghifam, Vice President of Mapna Research and Technology, were held.

In this meeting, the activists of the banking sector, industries and operators emphasized on paying attention to human resources in the digital transformation, creating integration and developing special programs in the field of ICT and using all technologies, and considered these factors to be effective in increasing the productivity of the digital transformation in the country.

In this meeting, Irancell’s General Manager of Organizational Business also explained Irancell’s measures to realize digital transformation in organizations and industries and said: Irancell started the path for internal digital transformation in 2018 with the onset of Corona, and a year later, according to the experiences in He got this way, implemented it in other industries including the steel industry.

Yusefpour further added: Operators in the world have played a role in large digital transformation projects and are one of its main pillars due to the infrastructure they have, including connectivity and information security. With this model, since 2019, Irancell started participating in the implementation of the digital transformation plan with Mobarakeh Steel Company, as the first main experience, and was able to provide a basket of services and products, including the installation and launch of Iran’s first fifth generation (5G) industrial site and Irancell, creating the necessary infrastructure for the creation and development of the “connected factory”, implementing Irancell’s secure mobile network service (APN) and implementing the enterprise mobile service (MVPN), implementing and implementing numerous projects in the field of intelligent logistics, etc. are available to this great industry. to give

The first conference of Iran’s opportunities in the digital age (IDEAS01) from July 25, 1402, in order to understand the challenges, solutions and needs of businesses in new markets, ended its work in the international conference hall of Milad Tower, Tehran, today evening, July 26.

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