Elon Musk compared artificial intelligence to a giant magic lamp!

Elon Musk compared artificial intelligence to a giant magic lamp!

British Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence Safety, November 2nd (November 11th) with a conversation between British Prime Minister Rishi SunakAnd Elon Musk Finished.

Among the managers of OpenAI, Meta and Google DeepMind along with the leaders of 28 countries, Musk was also one of the important people who participated in this summit.

Mask’s almost one-hour conversation with Sunak was one of the main events of the second day. In this conversation, Musk discussed various topics, from the dangers of artificial intelligence to developments in China.

Elon Musk In conversation with Rishi Sunak, likened the nascent technology of artificial intelligence to “the giant of the magic lamp”: “The story of artificial intelligence is similar to the story of the giant of the magic lamp. When there’s a magical giant who can grant all wishes, it usually doesn’t end well. Be careful what you wish for.”

Sunak and Musk pointed to intelligent robots that require a physical key to operate, not unlike sci-fi movies like Terminator. Sunak said that all of these films have the same theme and basically end with the protagonist shutting down the robot.

Musk stated that this technology is both good and bad. One of the future challenges will be if we have a magical giant that can do anything we want for us. How can we find the meaning of life?

This came after governments and AI companies agreed to formally test new models before releasing them to the public; An agreement that Sunak called a very important achievement.

Asked about AI’s impact on the job market, Musk called it “the most disruptive force in history” and said the technology will be smarter than the smartest humans: “There will come a time when no jobs are needed. “If you want to have a job for personal satisfaction, you can work, but AI will be able to do everything.” Musk concluded by saying that he did not know whether this would make people comfortable or uncomfortable.

In addition, Musk commented on the participation of China in the summit, saying that their presence is “essential”; Because if they do not participate, the summit will be in vain. According to Musk, it would be a good thing if the United States, Britain, and China were aligned on security because they generally lead the way.

Over the past year, the United States and China have competed head-to-head to develop and deploy the most advanced artificial intelligence systems. Since the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, world governments have been busy finding suitable solutions to legalize this technology.

Asked by Sunak what governments should do to mitigate the risk, Musk said, “I think when public safety is at risk, the government has to play a role. For the vast majority of software, public safety is not at stake; “But when we’re talking about digital superintelligence that poses a risk to the public, the government has a role to play in protecting the public.”

Musk said the regulations would be “annoying” to some Silicon Valley folks who worry about stifling innovation and slowing it down, but that it would be good to have what he called a “referee”: “Sometimes I think there’s too much optimism about technology. has it. “The government, as the arbiter, must make sure that there is fair treatment and that public safety is respected.”

Despite the Tesla CEO’s staunch opposition to artificial intelligence, he has founded a company in the artificial intelligence industry. Musk said today that xAI will release its first artificial intelligence to a select group tomorrow. According to Musk, this artificial intelligence could be the best of its kind on the market in important ways.

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