Deputy Minister of Communications: The fiber optic project should be directed towards domestic businesses

The vice president of strategic planning and supervision of the Ministry of Communications expressed his hope that with the implementation of the fiber optic project for homes and businesses, a large market will be created and it will definitely be directed towards domestic businesses. So far, 4 million households have been covered by this network, and according to promises, until the end of the 13th government, all the cities of the country will be covered by optical fiber.

Ali Asghar Ansari called this project a very big project from the economic point of view in the first capacity mobilization meeting for the development of the optical fiber project for homes and businesses, which was held with the presence of domestic manufacturers, and said: “One of the most important programs of the Ministry of Communications in the 13th government is the development of fixed communications based on It was based on fiber optics. In this regard, the fiber optic project for homes and businesses to create 20 million “coverage” by the end of the government was keyed last year, and now this project has become 20 million “connections” by the end of this program based on the 7th development plan.

According to the report of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, according to him, on May 27 last year, at the same time as the Communication Day, a number of operators signed a memorandum of understanding with the Radio Communications Regulatory Organization and it was decided to start work based on the agreement.

Referring to the scope of this project, Ansari said: “Given the size of the project in terms of scope and implementation, it was necessary for the operators to achieve economic justification as well. In this regard, the Ministry of Communications worked to resolve the concerns until, within the framework of the 1402 budget program law, part of these requirements were taken into consideration in the form of assistance and facilities.

The deputy of planning and strategic supervision of the Minister of Communications stated that the fiber optic project for homes and businesses has started in 200 cities and said: “After the start of this project, in conferences and gatherings where activists and domestic equipment manufacturers were present, planning was done to Let’s come to the conclusion that to what extent it is possible to inject internal equipment into the optical fiber project of homes and businesses.”

He stated that according to the 7th development plan, it has been emphasized and taken into account that the optical fiber project for homes and businesses must be developed based on domestic capacity, and he reminded: “Of course, other projects such as the development of rural communications and the development of the network There is also national information, which the Ministry of Communications insists on relying on domestic power.

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