Huawei is showing off again in the mobile market with P70 Pro

The rapid rise in popularity of Huawei Mate 60 in China has prompted the big Chinese brand to start working on three flagships belonging to the P70 series. It is said that in addition to the basic version and the Pro version, Huawei will also introduce the “Art” model. Given the meaning of its name, which means ‘art’, this phone may have a unique design and an ornate chassis that befits the term ‘art’.

Ming-Chi Kuoanalyst, in A special report It says that sales of the P70 series will probably be 100% to 100% higher than the Huawei P60 series. The significant growth of Huawei’s sales is the result of using a proprietary processor and strengthening nationalism among the Chinese.

Earlier it was also rumored that Huawei has started the production of P70. The production of the P70 includes providing a display with an impressive refresh rate along with a high-frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming feature to reduce eye strain.

Other specifications of the new Huawei phone are not available. Ming-Chi Kuo did not share important details about the hardware of this device; But it predicts that Largan, the main supplier of periscopic lenses of the P70 family, will make a lot of profit from the products of this family.

Also, Kuo points out that Huawei will see a 100% increase in sales compared to the P60 thanks to replacing the previous processors with a proprietary processor from Crane. This analyst has not mentioned which Crane processor will be used in these three phone models.

Huawei now offers two flagship series in the market with the P and Mate family. With the new Mate series, the Mate 60, Huawei used its own seven-nanometer processor and created a lot of controversy. Following this decision, the sale of his phones increased greatly and now he wants to continue this trend with the P70 series of phones.

The Kirin 9000S processor reached mass production this year and was used for the Mate 60. Assuming Huawei can go beyond the 7nm technology it used for the Mate 60, we might see a more advanced 5nm chip for the P70.

Regardless of the processor model, it was previously estimated that Huawei will ship about 100 million smartphones in 2024, which will increase by 40% compared to this year. The increase in Huawei phone sales may be due to Huawei’s move to introduce similar Kirin processors for low-end and mid-range phones.

It should be seen how this company will proceed with the release of P70; But now that it has regained some of its lost momentum in 2019, its rivals will be watching it closely. In 2019, Huawei temporarily became the top brand in the mobile industry and was even higher than Apple and Samsung.

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