Copilot’s artificial intelligence is costing Microsoft money every month

Copilot’s artificial intelligence is costing Microsoft money every month

GitHub Copilot is a programming tool equipped with artificial intelligence, which was developed as a result of the collaboration between three companies, Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI.

GitHub CoPilot makes the coding process easier for developers by offering phone autocomplete style suggestions. The artificial intelligence model used in this tool has been trained by a variety of available programming languages ​​to bring the best results to Armaghan.

Currently, there are two types of subscriptions for GitHub Copilot, which include an individual subscription at a price of $10 per month or $100 per year, and a commercial subscription at a price of $19 per month.

Despite the subscription fees of 10, 19 and even 100 dollars, according to the report Wall street JournalGitHub is losing ground with the introduction of GitHub Copilot, an artificial intelligence tool.

According to estimates, GitHub lost an average of $20 per user at the beginning of this year, while some users lost up to $80. These numbers, along with 1.5 million monthly users, mean a huge loss for GitHub.

GitHub’s heavy losses can somewhat reduce user objections to Microsoft and justify the company’s pricing, as the company has set a monthly subscription of Microsoft 365 Copilot at $30.

According to protesting users, $30 is too much for a service that has not yet been fully tested. Microsoft’s pricing strategy appears to be aimed at mitigating losses and preventing problems similar to what happened to GitHub Copilot.

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