Consume space with the high-volume “Apollo” internet of our pioneers!

Consume space with the high-volume “Apollo” internet of our pioneers!


How to enjoy our summer vibrancy, without getting tired of the overwhelming heat of this season?

With the aim of covering the growing demand of internet consumption in this hot season and meeting the maximum needs of subscribers to receive, download and watch educational and entertaining content, Pishgaman has started to offer a special festival for early registration, under the title “From Saturday with Apollo”.

You can benefit from the pleasant experience of high-speed Internet connection with higher volume, affordable price and speed up to 16 Mbps by choosing various services of 3 months with a volume of 750 or 1500 gigs and 6 months with a volume of 3500 gigs.

With Apollo’s high-volume Internet, you only need to fly from the pleasant atmosphere of your home to the boundless space of the Internet, the pioneers will provide enough fuel for your virtual tour at a reasonable cost!

For more information about the summer festival “From Saturday with Apollo” and to get the service you want, go to the page online registration Visit or contact Peshgaman experts through phone number 1577.


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