Caviar introduced the customized version of Vision Pro with a gold coating and a price of 40 thousand dollars

Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset will come with a price tag of $3,500, which is too much for many users. Caviar, the luxury jewelry company, has now created a custom version of the Vision Pro, using 18 carat gold. This product even has a protection for the front part of the headset that opens upwards and preserves the privacy of the user during use.

Caviar is the same company that has previously released gold-plated versions of other Apple products such as the iPhone, Airpods Max and many other companies’ devices such as the PlayStation 5, and now continues its routine with the Vision Pro.

The entire custom version of Caviar from Vision Pro is covered with 18 carat gold and its headband is made of Connolly leather; Durable and soft leather used by the British Royal Family and Rolls-Royce and considered one of the best examples in the world.

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