Chinese spy balloons used American technology

Chinese spy balloons used American technology


Since early 2023, Chinese weather balloons have been hovering over Alaskan skies as well as Canadian airspace, collecting more data than needed. Now, the results of a multi-agency preliminary investigation into one of the balloons that crashed off the coast of South Carolina in February suggest something was inside. The Wall Street Journal says that according to preliminary research, the Chinese balloons were filled with American technologies; In other words, as China insists, these balloons were not designed just for weather monitoring, but actually are considered spying devices, in which American technologies were used in their construction.

In January and February of this year, news that apparently simple Chinese balloons with primitive technology were flying completely silently at very high altitudes across the United States made headlines in many world media. Although this was the first time extensive information about these balloons was released in the public media, we later learned that China has been flying these devices all over the skies of the United States since the presidency of Donald Trump. In addition, research shows that similar balloons have been seen in the sky of European, Asian and other countries.

written by TomsHardwareConfusing claims by the Chinese that the balloons are simple meteorological ones contradict the technology researchers have identified in the devices.

The Wall Street Report says there is evidence in the remains of the Chinese balloons that they used American equipment to collect photos, videos and other information. Meanwhile, a satellite-like device, solar panels for energy supply, information gathering devices such as photos and videos and radar data have been observed.

Some American equipment used in Chinese balloons can be purchased through online stores. However, the combination of these products with specialized Chinese sensors and other equipment made the initial research show that the Chinese balloons were made for espionage.


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