By solving production problems, Samsung seeks to attract TSMC customers


Previously, some reports pointed to TSMC’s problems in improving the efficiency of the company’s 3nm process. Now it seems that Samsung has succeeded in defeating its Taiwanese rival in this competition. The latest report from the Korean tech giant shows that the company’s 3nm lithography efficiency has improved and is ahead of TSMC. Of course, this news is not the reason for Samsung’s complete victory against this company’s competitor.

According to the report KMIBCurrently, the efficiency rate of Samsung’s 3nm process reaches 60%, which is higher than TSMC’s 55% efficiency. In the meantime, Apple has also reserved most of the production capacity of the Taiwanese company’s 3 nm process. The efficiency rate of Samsung’s 3nm GAA process was already 70%; Therefore, by comparing the latest statistics and figures, the progress of this company has slowed down a bit, the main reason of which can be related to the increase in the volume of wafers.

Hi Investment & Securities Company has also reported that, in addition to the impressive efficiency of the 3nm process, Samsung has increased the efficiency rate of its 4nm process to 75%; But with TSMC in this sector with an efficiency rate of 80%, it performs better than its Korean competitor.

Samsung’s recent advances in improving the efficiency of the company’s 3nm process can be seen on paper as a big win over TSMC; But the Taiwanese company still has the largest share of this market. In fact, it is said that TSMC has provided Apple with about 90% of its total supply of 3nm wafers.

According to some reports, TSMC’s 3nm wafer output will reach 100,000 units per month by the end of 2023; Because the demand to buy iPhone 15 is expected to be very high. Therefore, we can expect the efficiency statistics of the Taiwanese company’s 3 nm process to improve significantly by the last quarter of this year.

The first chips made with Samsung’s 3nm GAA process are said to be intended for cryptocurrency mining hardware makers; Therefore, the Korean tech giant will first try to gain customers’ trust and then take some of TSMC’s market share.

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