British Prime Minister: Maybe humans will lose control of artificial intelligence

British Prime Minister: Maybe humans will lose control of artificial intelligence

Rishi SunakBritish Prime Minister has warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Sunak’s warning comes as the UK soon holds a major summit on artificial intelligence and the legalization of the technology.

According to CNBC, Sonak has compared the transformation caused by artificial intelligence to the industrial revolution, the invention of electricity and the birth of the Internet. He also said that artificial intelligence, along with all its benefits, comes with a series of risks.

According to Rishi Sunak, artificial intelligence makes it easier to build chemical and biological weapons and may attract the attention of criminals. He added: “In a highly unlikely and pessimistic scenario, there is even a risk that the introduction of AI will cause humans to lose control of the AI ​​completely.”

The British government wants to hold an artificial intelligence safety summit next week. This event brings together different countries and companies to talk about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

According to Rishi Sunak, in the not too distant future, Britain will establish the world’s first artificial intelligence safety institute to better understand the risks of this technology by testing new types of artificial intelligence.

Currently, the United States and China are known as the two main powers of artificial intelligence and host some of the largest companies in this field. Britain also has some big AI companies, including DeepMind, which is owned by Google. This country ranks third in artificial intelligence powers after the United States and China. Sonak says that representatives of the US and China have been invited to the summit next week.

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