Apple released the iPhone 4s; A day later, Steve Jobs died

Apple released the iPhone 4s;  A day later, Steve Jobs died

iPhone 4s largely kept the appearance elements of iPhone 4; But under its body, it hosted big changes; including an upgrade to an A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording. Apple’s 2011 flagship phone was available with iOS 5 operating system and features such as iCloud, iMessage and Notification Center.

Tech industry experts were generally positive about the iPhone 4s, praising Siri and the new camera and processing power in particular. A year later, Apple released the iPhone 5; But it continued to sell the 16 GB iPhone 4s configuration.

On September 9, 2014 (September 18, 2014), when the iPhone 6 was unveiled, the sale of the iPhone 4s was stopped; But the production of this device continued until February 17, 2016 (28 February 2015) in developing countries.

iPhone 4s is one of the best-selling iPhones that Apple has ever produced. This phone was the first Apple product to receive five major versions of iOS. This Apple policy continues even today.

The iPhone 4s was the last Apple phone with a 30-pin port; Because this company migrated to Lightning with the unveiling of iPhone 5, and Lightning gave way to the popular USB-C port in 2023.

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