Apple emphasized: Using Vision Pro is really simple [تماشا کنید]

Apple emphasized: Using Vision Pro is really simple [تماشا کنید]

On June 15, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which uses two advanced displays with 4K resolution. Thanks to the Vision Pro’s Digital Crown rotary button, the headset can switch between augmented reality and virtual reality modes.

Apple has used the proprietary M2 processor along with the R1 processor in the Vision Pro, which has the same hardware power as the MacBook. Apple has included Optic ID technology to identify the user’s iris in this mixed reality headset, which works like the iPhone’s Face ID feature.

A number of users believe that the experience of working with Vision Pro is not straightforward and it seems impossible for many people to get used to it; But Apple with its new videoemphasized the ease of use of its mixed reality headset.

In a short 38-second video, Apple shows a person using Vision Pro for the first time. This user enters the Apple TV application and plays his favorite movie and moves the screen wherever he wants.

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Today, Apple launched Vision Pro, which is the result of Cupertino’s first experience in creating a mixed reality headset, on the American market. The price of Apple Vision Pro is $3,499, and users can visit Apple stores for 25 minutes to experience Apple’s mixed reality headset.

The price of Apple’s virtual reality headset is much higher than the competition, but this product offers many more features.

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