According to Microsoft, PlayStation 5 Slim will be introduced this year

According to Microsoft, PlayStation 5 Slim will be introduced this year


Microsoft says Sony will introduce a $400 slim PlayStation 5 model later this year. The Redmond-based software giant is currently awaiting a ruling from an FTC hearing, and as part of the filing, it has submitted documents that show the PS5 Slim will arrive later this year.

Previously, we saw the publication of reports about the possibility of introducing the PlayStation 5 with a removable disk drive in September 2023. written by VergeIt is possible that this console will be sold without a disc drive, and this means that Sony plans to release a slim version of the PS5. Buyers of this product can later purchase the disk drive separately if they wish. The digital version of PlayStation 5 is currently priced at $400, and the version equipped with a disc drive is sold at $500.

Microsoft also stated: “Sony will release a new handheld console for less than $300 later this year.” Although the manufacturer of Xbox has not provided many details about this product, we know that the Japanese technology giant unveiled its handheld console called Project Q some time ago; A product that will be launched at the end of 2023. Of course, this device can only stream PlayStation 5 games via Wi-Fi, it is not possible to play the game directly.


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