Twitter: New restrictions are in place to combat bots and scammers

Over the past few days, Twitter has experienced a very chaotic situation, the main reason of which is the limitation of the number of visible posts for free users. The decision came as a surprise to many people, but the company said it could not give too many details about its decision to the public.

“We have temporarily restricted the use of our platform so that we can identify and remove bots and scammers who seek to harm this social network,” Twitter said in a post. Providing any prior information about this action would have allowed the targeted individuals to change their behavior so as not to be identified.”

Android While some were skeptical of Twitter’s reasoning for restricting the views of posts, the company cited its decision to prevent profiteers from collecting public data and using it to train artificial intelligence, as well as to prevent people from manipulating it, he writes.

It seems strange that Twitter provided explanations related to the limitation on the number of visible posts when it had reduced the said limitation to a minimum. Many pointed out that limiting the number of tweets a user can read per day would hinder advertisers’ access to the user community and Twitter’s monetization.

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