Abar Asiatec aims to provide service in the Middle East [تماشا کنید]


Asiatec Data Age Group, which is a satellite company of Asiatec Corporation, provides cloud services to its subscribers and customers. Cloud services are considered to be edge technology services, and one of the companies providing these services is Asiatec Data Era.

In an interview with Zomit, Reza Rizalzadeh, CEO of Asiatec Data Age, explained the company’s services as follows: “All products that subscribers and customers use exclusively in their collection, including servers, DVOPS services, security-related services and services Service management, they can get more reasonable costs from the set of cloud services so that they don’t have to worry about maintenance, support and services related to the IT field; Because these services are performed by the cloud collection.

You can see the exclusive interview of Zomit with the CEO of Asiatech Data Era in the following video:

The company provides cloud products and services to various groups, from small groups to organizations and bodies. Rizalzadeh envisioned a bright future for this area and said:

“The collection of cloud products and services are new products that have been popular in our country for several years. The future of infrastructure in the world is based on cloud services. “Asiatec Group has always tried to be a leader in the field of service provision, and it has launched Asiatec Cloud Group for two or three years.”

According to him, Asiatec’s data era collection has succeeded in achieving its primary goals in providing optimal and appropriate cloud services to subscribers. The CEO of this company also said about the future plans of this collection:

“For the next few years, our goal is to become one of the prominent providers in the Middle East region and serve our customers regionally as a reliable provider of cloud services.”

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