A look at Microsoft’s ceremony; When artificial intelligence takes the place of Surface [تماشا کنید]

Last week, Microsoft held a press conference that we initially thought would focus on the Surface; But once again it put artificial intelligence in the center of attention.

Last year, at the same time as a massive retrenchment at Microsoft, it was said that the company had changed the structure of the Surface brand. We saw this change clearly at the Microsoft event; Where Surface family computers were not the most important event of the event.

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On Tuesday, Microsoft introduced various services based on artificial intelligence and announced the addition of the latest version of DALL-E to Bing. This company also unveiled some laptops. The price of Microsoft laptop in the new generation has increased; But the improvements are also impressive.

Zoomit has summarized Microsoft’s press conference in the video above. If you are interested in watching tech videos, enter Zoomit YouTube channel become

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