A closer look at Xiaomi 14 and HyperOS operating system [تماشا کنید]

A closer look at Xiaomi 14 and HyperOS operating system [تماشا کنید]

Xiaomi 14 series has been well received by Chinese customers. People were eagerly waiting for the successor of Xiaomi 13 to see what the latest flagship of this company offers and how advanced its capabilities are.

As usual, Xiaomi has distinguished the standard and Pro version of the Xiaomi 14 with black and white boxes. The standard version includes the phone and protective case, setup instructions, and a 90W charger, along with a USB A to USB C cable.

As the Unboxed video We can see that the Xiaomi 14 Pro box includes the same accessories as the standard version of this phone, with the only difference being that it uses a 120-watt charger.

The rear camera of the Xiaomi 14 is surrounded by a textured ring, which the manufacturer claims is a design more commonly used in luxury watches.

It seems clear that the design of Xiaomi 14 is a backward step compared to Xiaomi 13. Although the rear camera of this device is bigger than the previous generation, it has the same dimensions and weight as last year’s model.

Xiaomi has introduced an exclusive version of plant pink leather for the standard model Xiaomi 14, which looks beautiful. Of course, this design is very tasteful and many users find the matte glass black version more attractive.

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