Zarepour: I am looking to provide the basis for the legal activity of Starlink

Zarepour: I am looking to provide the basis for the legal activity of Starlink


Isa ZarepourThe Minister of Communications emphasized this evening in a gathering of journalists that the action to disable Starlinks in the labor market is not the work of the Ministry of Communications:

In response to the doubts raised about the ITU letter and the criticisms of legal experts that it does not directly mention the prohibition of Starlink activities in Iran, he said:

Zarepour mentioned the resolution of the 22nd WRC meeting, in which it is emphasized that if someone wants to operate satellite internet in another country, he must obtain a license from the regulator of that country:

The Minister of Communications said about the Ministry’s measures to remove Internet restrictions:

Technology transfer requires certain measures

The all-round meeting of the ECO Summit titled “Digital Future, Today’s Age” was held with the participation of ministers and delegations from the countries of Oman, Iraq, Pakistan, D8 Group and ECO. In this meeting, Zarepour said that in the very near future, human dependence on communication tools and services will increase, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things will turn human life upside down, and platforms will make decisions for people’s lives.

After this introduction, he emphasized that we should contribute to building the virtual space of the future:

The Minister of Communications added that the regulatory organizations of ECO member countries should cooperate with each other. He also mentioned the issue of sharing various cultural concerns of these countries and considered the protection of children and families in cyberspace as an example of these concerns:

Nasser MohammadOman’s Minister of Communications pointed to the country’s economic development program, which started two years ago, in which it was decided to increase the share of the digital economy. He emphasized that technology is not a matter of luxury; Rather, it is a vital need for all sections of society:

He emphasized:

Abdul Qadir Imamthe representative of the D8 group, after a question about “Is Iran ready to exchange its experiences with other countries?”, pointed to Nasser’s words that technology should be available and added that it should also be affordable:

Sadegh IftikharPakistan’s Minister of Communications also said that technology exchange will always benefit everyone; Of course, exchanging experiences is costly:

The Minister of Communications of Iraq also said about Starlink’s activity in this country, for now only the negotiations have started:


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