YouTube made a lot of money thanks to advertising and premium service

Google has released its financial report for the final quarter of 2023, and it seems that part of the company’s revenue came from YouTube’s premium service and tougher users to deal with ad blockers.

Sundar PichaiCEO of Alphabet (parent company of Google), Cited that the income from the subscription fee is growing strongly and has reached 15 billion dollars annually. He announced that this amount has increased five times compared to 2019. Pichai pointed to YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, YouTube TV and Google One as leaders in this segment.

YouTube’s ad revenue also rose 16 percent to $9.2 billion, but it’s unclear whether the company’s tough stance against ad blocking had an impact on these results.

Users previously reported seeing more ads on YouTube alongside an increase in scam ads. In any case, it is clear that Google earns more money from YouTube ads and subscriptions, especially in the premium segment.

The tech giant did not release any details about the sales of the Google Pixel 8 series. Of course, the platforms and devices sector reached 10.8 billion dollars with an annual increase of 23%, which shows that the sales of Google phones have been accompanied by growth.

Alphabet saw its total annual revenue reach 307 billion dollars, which is 9% more than last year. The company announced that the revenue for the fourth quarter of 2023 reached 86.3 billion dollars, which indicates an annual revenue increase of 13%.

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