Xiaomi’s ultra-advanced factory opened with the ability to learn and evolve automatically

Lee Joonthe founder of Xiaomi, today The company’s smart factory in Changping, Beijing It was officially opened, which is considered an important milestone. This factory has a self-developed production line capable of producing more than 10 million flagship models of Xiaomi phones per year, and it is considered the first large production factory of Xiaomi and a bigger leap in the direction of the company’s ambitions.

The Beijing factory will be opened just a few days before the introduction of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra phone, which is scheduled for February 22 (March 3). Interestingly, Lee Jun confirmed that the innovative technologies of Xiaomi 14 and 14 Ultra were implemented in the same factory.

Xiaomi has developed 96.8% of the testing system of components and packaging equipment and 100% of its own factory software. This degree of in-house development means a highly automated and digitized production process that can analyze processes and make decisions based on data immediately. The factory can learn and evolve on its own, ensuring consistent product quality and performance.

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Xiaomi’s advanced factory is not the first attempt of this company in the field of smart technology production. Xiaomi’s first smart factory, located in Yizhuang district of Beijing, started its operation in late 2019. However, the Changping factory is 10 times larger in scale and houses the second-generation smart production line for smartphones.

The factory’s production line covers circuit board installation and testing to final assembly and packaging and transportation, and its annual output value is estimated at 60 billion yuan ($8.4 billion).

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