Xiaomi wants to challenge Tesla with its electric car equipped with artificial intelligence


Xiaomi, one of the Chinese technology giants, is building its first electric car. It is expected that the electric scooter of this company, which is called MS11, will be launched in 2024 at a price of about 30 thousand dollars.

MS11 is a medium-sized passenger car that will use an electric motor with a range of about 640 kilometers. The car also uses an artificial intelligence-based user interface that helps drivers with things like navigation, music playback, and climate settings.

Xiaomi hopes that the MS11 will become a best-selling product, and according to the company’s forecast, 300,000 units of this car will be released to the market annually. In fact, MS11 helps the Chinese technology giant to establish a suitable position in the electric car market.

Although Xiaomi is mostly known for its smartphones, this brand is also active in other areas such as automobiles. According to the announcement Gizmochinathe company is planning to use its proprietary automotive system chip and architecture in its future vehicles.

Below are some possible specifications of the Xiaomi MS11 electric car:

  • Price: About 30 thousand dollars
  • win: 400 miles (about 640 km)
  • Engine type: Electric
  • Interface: Artificial intelligence
  • car type: Sedan with medium dimensions
  • year of supply: 2024

Xiaomi plans to challenge Tesla’s products by releasing its high-quality electric car. According to recent rumors and reports, the MS11 will offer attractive features that are likely to help the car sell more.

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