Xiaomi Poco X6 Pro review; Versatile and economical

Poco X series phones are reminiscent of devices that always borrow modern smartphone technologies from flagships and have features inside that make them a very attractive option for users interested in powerful hardware. Due to these features, the Poco X series is very economical, as it offers the expected features of a wide range of users with a much lower price tag than the flagship phones.

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The Poco phone was the beginning of a more competitive era than the flagship phone category; Because the majority of mobile phone users are looking at the category of budget phones so that they can get the closest experience of the best smartphones with a budget less than half the price of the flagship. Poco X3 phones played a key role in forming a positive mindset of the Poco brand in the minds; But the next generations could not repeat the success and popularity of the Poco X3 phones, perhaps because of the high expectations of the X series.

Poco X6 Pro from the store Saiman Digital It has been provided to Zomit for review.

Now, with the Poco X6 series, Xiaomi plans to return the diminished popularity of the Poco X series to this family with more powerful hardware than ever. The introduction of new Poco phones, especially the Poco X6 Pro, brought the focus back to the Chinese once again; In such a way that some believe that the new phone can easily fill the place of Poco F5 and somehow step in the footsteps of the Poco F series. With Poco X6 Pro review Be with Zoomit.

Poco X6 Pro design; A combination of right and wrong decisions

The initial feeling of the Poco X6 Pro was such that I did not imagine that I was holding a mid-range phone and I said to myself that this phone cannot be from the Poco series; A case that most members of the Zomit editorial team agreed on. In honoring the design of the phone and its difference from previous generations, I must point out how much the elegance in the design of the front panel of the phone can affect the improvement of the physical experience of the phone and the use of plastic in the construction of the back panel and the frame of the phone away from the spotlight; A feeling that I did not even experience with Xiaomi 13T.

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