Xiaomi has canceled the release of the MIUI 14.5 user interface update

Xiaomi has canceled the release of the MIUI 14.5 user interface update


Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the oldest user interfaces in Android phones. Not so long ago, MIUI was known as one of the best user interfaces on Android phones. However, in recent years, the quality of this user interface has decreased, especially in budget phones.

Currently, due to the high sales of Xiaomi phones in the world, it is estimated that the number of monthly active users of these phones is higher than 600 million people. Therefore, on average, half a billion people interact with the Xiaomi user interface every day.

According to the stated statistics and figures, providing a new version of the MIUI user interface can increase the quality of the user experience for many users. The next version of this user interface was expected to be MIUI 14.5; But according to some reports, Xiaomi is currently not planning to release this version.

Xiaomi has now abandoned its plans to develop and release MIUI 14.5. Due to the release of Android 14 beta by Google, Xiaomi plans to focus on the development of a new version called MIUI15, this version is supposed to be developed based on Android 14. This likely means that devices that receive the MIUI 15 update in the future will also be upgraded to Android 14.

According to GizmochinaXiaomi is likely to develop builds of the MIUI15 user interface for use in phones with Android 13 operating system. In the past, usually in the development of newer versions of MIUI, Xiaomi took into account considerations for using the new version of the user interface in its older Android phones.

In any case, Xiaomi may publish new news about the features of this user interface in the coming days or weeks with the release of the MIUI15 test version.


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