Why don’t we feel the rotation of the earth?

Why don’t we feel the rotation of the earth?

When we ride the rides in the amusement park, we clearly feel their movement and pull out, and all we have to do is hold on tight. Our planet rotates at a much faster speed; But why don’t we need to hold ourselves tight? Why don’t we feel the rotation of the earth?

There are two main reasons for this. The first is the uniformity of the Earth’s rotation. “If you’re in a car driving down a highway at a constant speed, close your eyes and turn off the road noise, you feel like you’re still,” Stephanie Deppe, an astronomer and content developer at Chile’s Vera C. Rubin Observatory, told LiveScience. “

But if the car brakes repeatedly, you will know that you are moving. However, until you move at a constant speed, you will feel motionless. In other words, we know that there is no such thing as absolute motion. All that matters is relative motion.

People like Galileo and Newton have also mentioned this issue. Galileo imagined the mental experiment of being placed on a ship. According to the laws of physics, from the passengers’ point of view, a ship moving on calm waters will not have any difference compared to a ship anchored in the port.

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