Why do foldable phones have an uncertain future?

Why do foldable phones have an uncertain future?


This advantage seems almost meaningless for augmented reality headsets and glasses; Because such a product can turn the entire range of the user’s vision into a display and leave a space of hundreds of inches in front of the user’s eyes!

Naturally, augmented reality headsets currently struggle with several problems; But our article is about the future of the technology world and such problems are not going to remain forever. We must not forget that folding products also face many challenges.

The important thing is that headsets and augmented reality glasses make the most important feature of folding products meaningless. When the user can interact with a display hundreds of inches away through his 50g glasses, what is the need for a foldable product that ultimately offers a little more display space?

In general, it may not be unreasonable to say that technology companies should spend their time and capital on augmented reality technology instead of developing foldable products; A rich and important technology that has been neglected in recent years. Instead of trickle-down improvements in smartphones, many tech enthusiasts would love to see the development of exciting products that redefine computer interaction.

Of course, experience shows that, unfortunately, users and developers do not welcome innovation, and it turns technology companies into football teams that do not like to touch their winning lineup, and this causes the death of innovation and creativity.


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