When artificial intelligence becomes the bane of telephone fraudsters!


Artificial intelligence is able to do a lot of work and write FuturismTools based on this technology can even answer spam calls.

Roger Anderson It has been dealing with telemarketers for decades and has always looked for a way to prevent them from calling. He has developed a new tool that creates annoying conversations with telemarketers using the GPT-4 model.

Whitebeard, a tool created by Anderson in response to a fraud posing as an employee of the company Bank of America He said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your name; What is your name, friend?

Whitebeard is a clever solution to a big problem. A person representing the US Federal Communications Commission says that unwanted phone calls are by far the largest category of customer complaints in this commission.

Despite repeated efforts by the Federal Communications Commission, such as mandating caller ID authentication and creating a national database of blocked numbers, the problem has yet to be resolved, and millions of unwanted calls are being bypassed by security guards. Sometimes these calls are made from outside the United States and through Internet services.

Anderson’s new service has already collected several thousand paid subscribers. Anderson programmed Whitebeard to use the real voices of his friends. These sounds waste phone scammers’ time and annoy them. In one instance, the call went on for 15 minutes before the scammer finally hung up, Anderson says.

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