What is the story of the 70 million dollar hack of the Quinx exchange? [تماشا کنید]

Last year, nearly three billion dollars of cryptocurrency was stolen from users, so that the security of the crypto sector is in a halo of uncertainty and many investors in this industry are worried. The process of hacking exchanges and stealing users’ funds has continued even in 2023.

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Cryptocurrencies are an important target for hackers due to their significant profitability. The story of the first cryptocurrency hack goes back many years, but even with the advancement of security systems, even now, hackers penetrate various platforms.

In recent weeks, the hack of the Quinx exchange made a lot of noise. While most exchanges shy away from refunding users’ capital at such times, Quinx was able to manage the crisis to a large extent. Zoomit takes a look at the Queens Exchange hack in the video above.

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