What is a cellulose cooler and what are its advantages?

What is a cellulose cooler and what are its advantages?


Finally, we must say that the price of the cellulose cooler is slightly higher than the water cooler; But it also has more advantages. However, most of the advantages of cellulosic coolers are related to under-ceiling smart models, and semi-intelligent coolers do not perform well in optimizing consumption and automatic washing and adjusting air humidity.

Needless to say, the only problem faced by the cellulose cooler is the smell of the cellulose pads, which due to its closed and humid environment is not far from expecting favorable conditions for the growth of fungi. This problem has its own solution, which includes completely washing the cooler and cellulose pads or even replacing them.

Converting the plastic water cooler to cellulose cooler

It is possible to convert a plastic water cooler into a cellulose cooler, and now you can buy cellulose pads and replace them with plastic pads installed on the cooler panels.

Although its technical implementation has some points that are not mentioned in this article, converting the water cooler into a cellulose cooler often increases the efficiency of the cooler and its consumption decreases.

The cellulosic cooler has exactly the same technology as the plastic water cooler, with the difference that paper cellulose materials are used as a cooling pad instead of plastic.

Cellulose coolers are offered in more diverse types, which may differ greatly from water coolers; But their main difference is in the use of cellulose materials, which increases efficiency and optimizes energy consumption in them.


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