What factors lead to package pump failure?

What factors lead to package pump failure?

Among the reasons why the package remains on all the time, we can mention the following:

  • Package board failure
  • Improper positioning of the package pump
  • Jamming of the valve in the middle position of the package

Package pump not turning on

Failure to turn on the package pump is one of the main signs of failure of this part. Many reasons will lead to the package pump not turning on. It is possible that the pump does not turn on due to the presence of problems in parts such as the device’s electronic board, improper placement of the package chimney, and wrong adjustment of the device’s gas pressure.

tip: Repair and replace the package pump by accurately adjusting the gas pressure of the device and the placement of the chimney and other parts.

The loud sound of the package pump

If you hear an abnormal sound from the central heating pump, there is probably a problem with the air lock operation. Many customers complain about the constant humming sound of the airlock. The central heating pump will have a slight hum and slight vibration when fully operational. The loud noise of the package pump is a clear sign that a part is not working properly and needs troubleshooting and repair.

If air collects in the pump, the part is usually not working properly. Many central heating pumps have a bleed screw that can be used to remove air, allowing the pump to run again without replacing internal parts.

Most package pumps, especially high-quality pumps, use a drain screw; A very small piece that can be used to remove air from the system. We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions in the package manual when doing this.

Once you have the pump on the boiler, look for the small heat pump drain screw. Note that the pump is full of water; Therefore, loosen the screw very slowly. Usually less than a quarter turn is enough; Because as soon as all the air is drained, a small amount of water is likely to leak out of the pump.

If the above steps don’t fix the problem, it’s likely that the pump sounds have always been there due to its quality.

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