What are the causes of dishwasher noise?

What is the cause of the noise of the dishwasher?

Now that we are familiar with the different parts of the dishwasher manufacturer, we can better identify the types of common dishwasher failures and fix the problem. In the following, we will learn about the different causes of dishwasher noise.

Dishwasher motor failure

The most important and most unpleasant reason for the sound of the dishwasher is the malfunction of its motor. As the beating heart of the dishwasher and its most expensive member, if it does not work properly, it will cause additional vibration in the dishwasher body.

Drain pump or wash pump failure

The main cause of dishwasher noise is the failure of the drain pump. As a result of wear and tear, or a hard foreign object stuck in its shell, this part becomes problematic and causes the dishwasher to produce many unusual noises while working.

If the dishwasher whistles during operation, the problem is most likely with the drain pump. If the drain pump has a problem, it must be replaced, as this part cannot be repaired.

The wrong place for the dishwasher

If the dishwasher is not installed correctly and in a suitable and smooth place, it will produce more unusual noises while working. To install the dishwasher correctly and put it in the right place, get help from the manual or your dishwasher dealer.

bearing failure

The bearing is placed inside the washing arm and the spray arm and is made of plastic. If the bearings are loose or worn, they will make extra noise. By turning the sprinkler arm, you can find the source of the sound.

Jet pump is the name of a part that consists of a coil with a rotor, a geyser impeller, a bush and a felt bowl. Any of these parts that get into trouble will cause the dishwasher to make noise. Jet pump failure usually appears in the form of broken impeller or rotor failure. In such a situation, the defective rotor and broken geyser impeller must be replaced.

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