Watch: This AI-powered robot is changing agriculture forever

Watch: This AI-powered robot is changing agriculture forever


The role of artificial intelligence in various industries is becoming stronger day by day. to report NBC NewsNew machines have been developed for agriculture that are based on artificial intelligence and automatically perform the harvesting process in addition to the destruction of weeds.

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Analysts believe that artificial intelligence will play an important role in the future of agriculture and will change the industry forever. One of the new machines, which costs 1.2 million dollars, does the work of 30 people 24 hours a day. The machine based on artificial intelligence learns the conditions of the land over time and harvests the product better.

Artificial intelligence has a successful performance in recognizing the difference between different things; For this reason, it is very useful in the field of agriculture. Artificial intelligence can distinguish crops from weeds in agricultural fields. The new device is called LaserWeeder and it destroys weeds with a laser.

Using a set of servers, LaserWeeder can tell the difference between 40 types of crops and 80 types of weeds. The inventor of LaserWeeder says that the processing power of this device is more than 24 Tesla cars and it is practically a mobile data center.


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