Watch: The ROG Ally handheld console’s bend and scratch resistance test

Watch: The ROG Ally handheld console’s bend and scratch resistance test


Asus launched the ROG Ally handheld console last month. This product is known as a competitor of Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck and now JerryRigEverything YouTube Channelhas performed its usual resistance test on the said console.

Zack It says that ROG Ally’s internal dual fans start spinning immediately after starting games, and within seconds, the device’s display heats up, and the exhaust air is also hot. This issue will probably be fixed in the near future with the release of software updates. The famous YouTuber then conducts a scratch test on the ROG Ally’s display, body, and even triggers. The screen of this product, like most smartphone screens today, is scratched with tool number 6, and tool number 7 can also create deeper lines on the screen.

As Zach points out, the color strip on the back of the ROG Ally is just a holographic sticker, with no RGB lights underneath. The joysticks of this console are covered with a layer of rubber and will last for a long time. The menu buttons and triggers are also made of plastic, so they get scratched easily. The ABXY buttons on the right side of the console are also prone to scratches, but the letters are under the transparent layer, so the possibility of erasing them is very low.

The holographic logo in the lower corner of ROG Ally is also removed, and it is possible to separate the colored strip on the back of the device; But by the way ZackThis part does not come out by itself. The Asus handheld console lasts only 3 seconds in the lighter flame and then a part of its screen turns black. Of course, these pixels return to their original state in about 10 seconds.

Eventually Zack It tries to bend the ROG Ally by putting pressure on the display as well as the back. When applying a lot of pressure, each two sides of the device are slightly separated from each other, but the console eventually returns to its original state.


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