TSMC was the victim of a cyber attack!

TSMC was the victim of a cyber attack!


Taiwan Semiconductor Industries Corporation TSMC says in a press release that it has been the victim of a cyber attack. The company says some of its data has been exposed due to the cyber attack, but its customers’ information remains safe. TSMC’s business operations have not been affected by this cyber attack.

Based on the writing GizmochinaTSMC’s cyber attack was linked to the initial setup and configuration of the server. After learning about the cyber attack, the company reacted quickly and stopped exchanging data with the supplier involved in the cyber attack.

TSMC says the LockBit hacking group is responsible for the attack on the company’s servers. LockBit posted the stolen data on its website and demanded a $70 million ransom. If this amount is not paid, LockBit will also release the username and password associated with the disclosed data.

TSMC says the leaked data was stored on Kinmax Technology’s servers. As TSMC works to resolve the issues, it is working with cybersecurity experts and organizations to further investigate the incident.

TSMC, which has large customers such as Apple and Nvidia, is the largest contract manufacturer of chips in the world and is considered one of the most important companies in the technology industry; Therefore, the cyber attack on TSMC worries the entire industry.


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