TikTok to Europe: Remove us from the list of “concierge” platforms

According to ReutersChinese company ByteDance (owner of Tik Tok) has asked Europe’s second highest court to suspend the company’s designation as a “gatekeeper” under the EU’s tech-centric rules until judges rule on its appeal.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) requires TikTok and other designated gatekeeper platforms, namely Google, Meta, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, to make their messaging apps compatible with those of competitors and, through this interaction, allow users to decide which Pre-install apps on your devices.

According to the Digital Markets Act, gatekeeper platforms are not allowed to favor their services over those of competitors or prevent users from removing pre-installed software and applications.

TikTok challenged the EU’s decision in a Luxembourg court last month, arguing that its designation as a gatekeeper threatened to undermine the purpose of the Digital Markets Act to protect gatekeeper platforms from newer competitors like TikTok. According to the company’s spokesperson, TikTok has filed a request for a temporary injunction and suspension of operations.

Meta and Apple have also complained to the commission after being on the list of “concierge” platforms.

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