This time, artificial intelligence reveals images of the mermaid factory!

Ever since Midgerian AI and other image-generating AIs were introduced, people have been madly visualizing their big and small ideas. We showcased the most popular ideas such as smiling selfies of Gandhi and Genghis Khan, faces of masters of each discipline, faces of famous brands, and visions of Zoomit with artificial intelligence in the shutter.

When some time passed from using image generators, watching images made with artificial intelligence also lost its initial enthusiasm; But still every now and then new ideas appear that surprise everyone to watch.

One of the last ideas illustrated with Midgerni, The mermaid factory is the process of mermaid production depicts These images in Subreddit midjourney which is dedicated to content produced with Midjourney, shared. The creator and creator of these images welcomes the opinions and ideas of other users and even if you ask him, he may produce and send you your ideal version.

Go down and see the mermaid factory and its workers. We hope these pictures will entertain you for a few minutes.

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