This is the red iPhone 15 Pro model!

This is the red iPhone 15 Pro model!

Regarding the iPhone 15 family, it is expected that Apple will go for the unveiling of dark red color and other colors such as green, pink and purple. Account Apple Hub In the X social network, he has published images of attractive and unseen colors of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. These colors are software applied to the body of the phone, but they have a lot of appeal and Apple can get ideas from them.

China has the largest mobile market in the world and is also the third most profitable market for Apple; For this reason, the company is under management Tim Cook It attaches great importance to China.

As a popular Chinese color that symbolizes luck, happiness and good fortune in this culture, red may be able to turn the tables in Apple’s favor. The increase in iPhone sales in China will fulfill analysts’ predictions.

What is your opinion? Which iPhone 15 Pro color do you like?

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