This gadget was supposed to be the most different power bank in the world!

One of the interesting features of this charger was the use of an internal battery that allowed it to act as a power bank if necessary. The clean and clear design of the body is reminiscent of Notting Air headphones.

On paper, the Notting Power 1 was the Swiss army knife of chargers on the market. It is possible that the price of the Nutting power bank, like the price of the Nutting phone, would be lower than most competitors to encourage people to buy this product.

However, Nutting encountered major problems during the production process of Power 1. According to Carl P, the plastic body of this product was basically not as strong as it should be, and because of its weight, despite the internal battery, it broke easily. When charging several devices at the same time, the temperature of this charger increased a lot.

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