This baby pink elephant is one of the rarest elephants in the world

A video from the Kruger National Park in South Africa has recently been released showing a cute little baby elephant with a rare color playing with other small and large gray elephants at a water hole.

Elephants are usually gray in color, but this little baby elephant, which belongs to the African elephant species, has pink skin and light hair, unlike other elephants, as a result of the hereditary disease albinism. Leprosy is a genetic disorder that stops the production of melanin pigment (the color-determining pigment in the eyes, skin, and hair).

Theo Potgieterthe wildlife expedition officer who captured the rare baby elephant image, to Live Science “This rare condition occurs in wild mammals only once in 10,000 births,” he said. Based on evidence reported late last year, Potgieter estimates the baby elephant to be about a year old and male.

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