This 2 million watch has an old screen and an exciting design

Noise, the smart watch brand in India, has launched a new product called NoiseFit Grace has unveiled. This smart watch is designed and offered for women.

The new Noiz watch has a diamond-cut dial and comes in a sleek metal body with lightweight, high-quality straps in silver, rose gold, and matte black.

The NoiseFit Grace smart watch is equipped with a 1.1-inch old (Amoled) screen with a brightness of 600 nits and always-on display capability and a density of 360 pixels per inch.

Noiz’s new smart watch uses a voice assistant with artificial intelligence and Bluetooth remote calling capability along with a built-in calendar. In addition, it offers quick access to the dial screen and recent call log with storage space of up to 10 contacts for quick calling.

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