These Xiaomi phones receive Android 15

With the release of the first preview version of Android 15, speculations about the release of the new version of the Google operating system for Android mobiles, including various models of Xiaomi phones and Samsung phones, have become hot.

Xiaomi doesn’t have a great track record of releasing long-term updates for its phones; However, the Chinese tech giant has tried to make things a little better by introducing the new HyperOS user interface and releasing it to a number of Xiaomi phones and tablets.

Android 15 is expected to be released for a selection of the best mid-range phones and the best budget phones from Xiaomi. Undoubtedly, the Xiaomi 14 series, as the best phone of this company, has the first priority in receiving updates.

List of Xiaomi phones that will receive Android 15

Below is a list of different Xiaomi phone models that are likely to receive the Android 15 update.

Note that the list is not official at the moment and is subject to change, and some older Xiaomi phones may also be equipped with Android 15.

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