These Xiaomi phones no longer receive software and security updates

These Xiaomi phones no longer receive software and security updates


Like many phone manufacturers, Xiaomi has a page listing EOS (end of support) products; This section refers to devices that the Chinese brand will no longer support. Simply put, the phones listed on this page will no longer receive software and security updates.

Xiaomi recently updated its EOS product listing page and added 10 new products. written by Gizchinathese devices have other security updates or Android and if you have one of these products, you will no longer receive the new update of the Google mobile operating system.

Which Xiaomi phones have been added to the end of support list?

The latest update applied to the Xiaomi EOS product page includes the following:

What should we do to experience the new versions of Android?

If you are using the devices listed above and you plan to use the new version of Android, instead of buying a new phone, install a custom ROM on your device. Of course, doing this requires skill and technical knowledge.

If a mistake occurs while installing custom ROM, there is a possibility of permanent death of your phone. However, it is recommended to visit the famous XDA website to install custom ROMs; Because it provides complete and detailed instructions for installing different ROMs.


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